Plastic Problem

Polyethylene (PE) based plastic bags are used in many aspects of daily life. On both consumer and industrial fronts, there are huge benefits to using plastics.  

The problem with plastic however, is that it’s usually a one-time use item, and then it’s thrown away.  This creates a huge ecological issue since it takes 500 years to break down, and even then, it’s just an estimate. Due to the wide range of uses of plastic it’s inherently hard to stop the use of plastic.

Recently a team of researchers from University of California- SB, and the University of Georgia released a report estimating 9 billion tons of plastic has been made since the 1950s, and 80% of that remains in landfills or as ocean waste. The research further estimates that the amount of plastic in use now is 30% of all plastic ever produced. With an increasing global population, this trend will only continue to rise exponentially. 

Our Solution

Through 15 years of research and development, Neropol Group has the proprietary technology to produce a 100% fully biodegradable and water soluble plastic. Not only does this product outperform traditional polyethylene bags, but is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Neropol film solves the problems that have been a major barrier to entry into the mass market. In addition, Neropol Group will work with existing polyethylene bag manufacturers to ensure mass adoption with all stake holders.

Truly Environmentally Friendly

•  Water soluble
•  Biodegradable
•  Non-toxic

Cost Efficient

•  Comparable or cheaper than PE
•  Raw materials
•  Potential for easy recycling

Brand Strategy

•  2.5 times as strong & high bi-axial strength
•  High puncture resistance
•  Will not degrade in storage
•  Anti-Static properties
•  Good impact and abrasion resistance

Ability to Leverage Existing Makers

•  Higher efficiency in production
•  10% Capex cost to factory
•  Less raw materials vs. output
•  Less utilities costs

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